Pondering the future

Hi, sorry again for the long delay in writing. Lots has happened since I last wrote, most of it not so great.

After the ToC in 2008, I injured my finger. I ended up tearing the tendons and missed the rest of the season. I healed and then waited for the 2008-2009 season to start. Off to Wichita, Ks. we go for the first tourney and bam, I partially tear the ACL in my left knee. I bowled a few events, but after the MRI revealed that I had torn it, I left the tour for rehab. I tried the rehab and also tried to bowl the ToC in 2009. I was defending champion and really wanted to bowl in that event. I am glad I did for 2 reasons. It showed me where I was ( which was season ending news ) and I was able to attend he 50 greatest bowlers show and watch Norm Duke, Del Ballard Jr, and John Handegard get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

With just less than a month away from the World Series of Bowling, I hope the rehabbing is enough for my knees to handle the daily bowling of tour life. The strain could be too much, or they could be strong enough to handle it just fine.

I have missed the competition and look forward to lacing them up with the boys and having some fun.

Will write again soon.