Sorry for the delay in blogging, been working on other things and finally decided to update the page and catch everyone up to speed. It's fitting that the WSOB V is right around Halloween, as my bowling as been pretty scary this week. Coming into this event, I had been bowling very well. I was able to see the lane and how it wanted me to play it. My ball choices have been good and I have been able to follow the transition very well. This week, the PBA made changes to the patterns we use and I became extremely confused. My ball was hooking in places it didn't before, and skidding in places it didn't before as well. There was also a change to the type of oil we use. This oil seemed to get down the lane faster than the previous oil, so more changes to learn and deal with. I struggled the first 2 days , made some positive changes and bowled better the 3rd and 4th day. The 4the day, I had a chance to make the top 24, but made 2 bad shots in the 9th and 10th frames of the last game. I was disappointed with my performance, but happy with the improvements I made the last 2 days. Today is an off day, so I went to take care of the car. An oil change and 4 new tires for the car, and it should be good for a while. Tonight is the Boston Red Sox game and some laundry as I get ready for the next 2 events at the South Point. Looking forward to doing even better and having some fun with Spanky in the doubles tournament this weekend.

For those who have children, be safe tomorrow night !

Happy Halloween !!!