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Sorry for the delay in blogging, been working on other things and finally decided to update the page and catch everyone up to speed. It's fitting that the WSOB V is right around Halloween, as my bowling as been pretty scary this week. Coming into this event, I had been bowling very well. I was able to see the lane and how it wanted me to play it. My ball choices have been good and I have been able to follow the transition very well. This week, the PBA made changes to the patterns we use and I became extremely confused. My ball was hooking in places it didn't before, and skidding in places it didn't before as well. There was also a change to the type of oil we use. This oil seemed to get down the lane faster than the previous oil, so more changes to learn and deal with. I struggled the first 2 days , made some positive changes and bowled better the 3rd and 4th day. The 4the day, I had a chance to make the top 24, but made 2 bad shots in the 9th and 10th frames of the last game. I was disappointed with my performance, but happy with the improvements I made the last 2 days. Today is an off day, so I went to take care of the car. An oil change and 4 new tires for the car, and it should be good for a while. Tonight is the Boston Red Sox game and some laundry as I get ready for the next 2 events at the South Point. Looking forward to doing even better and having some fun with Spanky in the doubles tournament this weekend.

For those who have children, be safe tomorrow night !

Happy Halloween !!!

The King of the House

sorry again for the delay in writing. I have good intentions of writing, but just don't seem to do it very often. We have just completed 5 tournaments of the 7 here in Detroit. We are bowling in the World Series of Bowling. I should mention that we consists of Andrew Cain, Paul Moor, Stuart Williams, and myself. We rented this nice 3 bedroom house near Taylor Lanes. Erin was kind enough to hook us up with this great deal, so thanks Erin.

So getting to the title of this blog, each week we bowl and each week we have a friendly competition in the house to see who does the best. If you're the high finisher of the week, then you are the new king of the house. We have all managed to be king of the house at one point.

We also have managed to do other things. We took Paul and Stuart to the Detroit Tigers game , it was their first MLB game. After the game, we also took them to Costco, another first for them. Stuart was amazed at the quantity of the items sold at Costco. While we were in the bakery section, Stuart came across a 7 lb. cake. He was in total awe of this cake, quite a funny site. I also tried to teach Paul and Stuart how to throw a football. They usually kick a round ball, so throwing a football was difficult for both at first. Stuart seems to be getting the hang of it now. we had visitors as well. My good friend Ralph ( I have known him since the 5th grade ) came out for a week to watch us bowl. We also had Andrew's wife come in for a few days, as well as Tina who came to bowl in a tournament of the women's series. Sad to say that Paul decided to head back home after not making the TQR cut in the shark pattern. I think he was homesick. So for the first time since our stay here, we find ourselves with just 3 people here. We might be picking up Martin for the remainder of the series.

I think that's it for now. Laundry is calling.

Pondering the future

Hi, sorry again for the long delay in writing. Lots has happened since I last wrote, most of it not so great.

After the ToC in 2008, I injured my finger. I ended up tearing the tendons and missed the rest of the season. I healed and then waited for the 2008-2009 season to start. Off to Wichita, Ks. we go for the first tourney and bam, I partially tear the ACL in my left knee. I bowled a few events, but after the MRI revealed that I had torn it, I left the tour for rehab. I tried the rehab and also tried to bowl the ToC in 2009. I was defending champion and really wanted to bowl in that event. I am glad I did for 2 reasons. It showed me where I was ( which was season ending news ) and I was able to attend he 50 greatest bowlers show and watch Norm Duke, Del Ballard Jr, and John Handegard get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

With just less than a month away from the World Series of Bowling, I hope the rehabbing is enough for my knees to handle the daily bowling of tour life. The strain could be too much, or they could be strong enough to handle it just fine.

I have missed the competition and look forward to lacing them up with the boys and having some fun.

Will write again soon.

2008 Pepsi Championship Omaha, Ne

The drive to Omaha was bittersweet as having Jaros on the show was good, but he wasn't able to figure out the transition in the lanes and struggled a bit. It's tough when someone bowls so well all week to get to the TV finals, and then can't find a good enough reaction on TV to make a run at the title. All in all, a great week of bowling by Jaros.

Monday in Omaha was a busy day for me. I went to the Dr. to find out what was wrong with the left knee. He told me I had fluid in the knee and drained it out. He also gave me a shot of cortisone and told me this should help it get better. He also suggested I buy a knee brace to reduce the amount of pressure and force I put on my left knee by not sliding. He also told me that I might not be able to bowl this week. If I did bowl, and if the swelling came back, then I would have to get an MRI done. I am hoping the cortisone shot and some rest was all the knee needed.
I am going to try practicing today to see how the knee feels and to get used to the brace.

I will blog again Wednesday, after the official practice session.

2008 World Championship Wichita, Ks.

The start of the new season was last week in Wichita, Ks. I always like coming here as the fans are bowling smart and we always have good crowds. I don't always bowl so well here though, and this past week wasn't any different. I was hoping this year would be different. We have never bowled on the World Championship pattern in this center, so fingers were crossed heading into the week.

During the competition, I must have tweaked my left knee as it started to swell. It was huge. When I finished bowling each block, the left knee had actually swollen to twice the size of the right knee. Considering I don't slide, this wasn't a good thing to have happen. I finished the week as I have never withdrawn from a tournament, no matter how much pain or how poorly I am bowling.

There was some good news to the week. Steve Jaros and Chris Collins both made the match play using 900 Global and AMF balls this week. Jaros made it all the way to the TV finals. It was exciting to be there and to get a ball on TV.

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